Our Brand Story

Nestled in the stunning region of Occitanie in France, L'SAUVE® took its inspiration and started its journey. A passionate entrepreneur Taylor, is on a mission to provide affordable luxury fragrances & homeware to individuals all around the world and making sure self-care is at the heart of everything.

L'SAUVE® Home was founded on the principles of taking care of yourself and including small luxuries in life. Taylor, behind the brand, knew that he had to find a way to offer customers all these principles. He worked tirelessly over 2 years to create a unique business model, allowing him to collaborate with luxury fragrance brands and stock unique homeware products, to deliver an exceptional customer experience throughout each purchase. #lsauveselfcare was born. 

The brand's name, 'L'SAUVE®', was inspired by the french word "suave," meaning peaceful and elegant. The team at L’SAUVE® home aim to capture the essence of Occitanie's natural beauty, and untouched wilderness in the brand including tone of colour and voice.

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Meet The Founder  

Since 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred all around the world, we all understood how much this impacted our lives and how important it is to take care of ourselves with a daily routine. This is why I created L'SAUVE® Home to showcase to others how important it is to have regular self-care days during the week or month. Sometimes we just need to slow down and take care of ourselves.

I am committed to create a Lifestyle & Well-being brand that combines the highest level of quality and elegance with every customer. Offering the most luxury affordable fragrance brands, that include Self Care Co, WoodWick, Owen Drew England, and so many more. 

A new addition to L'SAUVE's portfolio in 2024 is introducing unique home decor items. 

Whether you need a helping hand buying the perfect gift for you or someone else, we have something for everyone on every budget.

Founder & CEO
Taylor Brown

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Your Self-Care Journey Matters

The vision at L'SAUVE® home is built on small self-care steps and how important it is for every individual.

Self-care is a journey and we have to celebrate the highs and lows, as this is what makes us stronger. "Slow Progress...... is Progress".

Our founder Taylor, is dedicated to showing how important the small steps are and why he wants the world to get involved in the movement of #Lsauveselfcare, and celebrate every journey as it matters.

Everyone's journey is different, it's a #Lsauveselfcare journey.

Founder & CEO
Taylor Brown

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Our Sustainability Focus

We want to take this opportunity to explain how important our Earth is to us, and our brand values!

Our founder's main focus was not only to partner with established fragrance brands, but also help our planet as much as we can.

We believe every individual throughout the world can introduce luxury into their life's, by adding the little things. L'SAUVE® Home was born on four words, "Slow Progress...... is Progress" and we want to help you fulfill your life & home with the most affordable but luxurious items, ranging from candles, diffusers, bathroom and accessories.

We are committed to create a Lifestyle & Well-being brand that combines the highest level of quality and elegance.

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