How can we help

As we are a lifestyle brand, we are always reviewing ways in which we can recycle , reuse and mainly let our planet survive. We only have one planet this means that we need to use it's resources very smartly!
Global warming is becoming a huge factor in how companies produce material , design and much more. We can all help! If you have unwanted clothes or toys. You can simply take them to a charity shop or donate them for free to the homeless. 

Reuse our boxes

At L'SAUVE® , we post orders out in secure cardboard boxes. Having square boxes like these might feel like you have unnecessary waste however , you can simply reuse them for storage , moving homes or even donating them  to people who need them in your local community!

Our Mailing Bags

Our mailing bags are very stylish and simple! Lets take a look at the properties:
1-  Can be used for multiple uses! How amazing is this!
2- The amount of materials used to create the mailing bag was low 
3-Plastic FREE! 

It's a team effort