Our Sustainability Approach

As we are a luxury well-being brand, we are always reviewing ways in which we can recycle , reuse and mainly let our planet survive. We only have one planet this means that we need to use it's resources very smartly!

L'SAUVE HOME Recycled Poly Mailers

An impressive lightweight recycled & fully recyclable mailing bag. Comes with 2 adhesive strips to ensure the security of the item being transported arrives safely.


Environmentally Conscious

We love the earth and want to make sure we can take care of it. All mailing bags are made from at least 80% recycled plastic!

Made In Europe

We love our planet so much! All our mailing bags are manufactured in Europe, which means a lower transportation footprint compared to imported goods from abroad. We are also lowering carbon emissions. Thank our Founders!

Biodegradable Material

When exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes, this mailing bag product breaks down to natural elements found in nature. Amazing right?


Traditional plastics are created from polymerized crude oil. All of our Mailing bags are plastic-free meaning environmentally friendly materials were used when producing them.