1- Think & Recharge

1- Write down what you have achieved!

Might sound like a silly idea right? The answer is to make a start. Set a time every morning or evening to write down what you have achieved. Start from the small things, e.g Today I saw my friend and I bought her a coffee as she left her purse at home.


2- Create a timeline!

Not a fan of paintings? Whether you are 20 or 40 you have achieved a lot! Create a timeline and remember how far you have come! A timeline will send your mind back to those special moments!


3- Paint a picture!

Not a fan of lists or timelines? Get creative and draw something you are most proud of or your next holiday destination! By stepping out of your normal routine, will help you recharge and get you back on track!

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2- Rest & Repair

4- Rest

Need that trip to the spa or simply a sleep on the sofa? Did you know experts recommend you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night!


5- Aromatherapy

Your body is very important and taking good care of your skin. Massage oil into your body to recharge, also rub on the wrists.


Don't forget to add your favourite fragrance!

Sun.Day of London began in a small mountainous town where the family handpicked wild herbs to make healing salves, teas and soaps for the nearby town people. Years later, their botanical fragrances are handcrafted in their workshop in Hackney Wick. Capturing the properties of nature has implemented that very culture into our range where each item is made using natural oils and core plant-based ingredients.  Their handcrafted candles are cruelty-free and vegan, mounted in apothecary jars which are produced in the UK with pure cotton wicks.

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3- Say well done to yourself!

Kindness is the best response in the world to cheer someone up! If this is saying hello and having a cup of tea with your best friend or treating them to a lovely gift, we can all say this is the most important part! Not only can this increase your feeling of positivity for you, but it will also give your friend a well-being boost as well!

At L’SAUVE we know how important self-care and your well-being is! Treat yourself or your friend to a candle. A diffuser, or even a bundle! Take time to really think about what you are looking to buy. You want to surprise them! We always say, go with the Owen Drew England Calm Candle first! A fantastic mix of Patchouli, zesty Brazillian Orange, Ylang Ylang and Elemi with a splash of lavender-cleansing pine oil.

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January 29, 2023