What is World Menopause Day?

Every year, October 18th, is observed as World Menopause Day. We are serious about your well-being here at L'SAUVE Home. The International Menopause Society's mission ( ISM) is to assist women's health and well-being and to increase knowledge about Menopause and support.


Resharing information from the official website, https://www.imsociety.org, as well as spreading awareness on social media and encouraging others to improve their health and well-being, are the easiest ways to support World Menopause Day.  Menopause is a wide issue, it can impact a range of individuals for example Colleagues, both directly and indirectly. Talking is the best part of supporting others, and reducing the stigma attached.


The National Health Service highlights the topic and continues to support organisations so we can all improve our experience with the staff and ourselves.

According to research by the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development, three out of every five women between the ages of 45 and 55 who have menopausal symptoms report that it has a negative impact on their performance at work. According to different research, two-thirds of the women who responded to the poll indicated they had trouble focusing on their work.


A staggering 30% of women reported that they had regrettably taken sick leave due to their symptoms. A relatively tiny percentage of women who were employed claimed they disclosed to their superiors the true reason they were taking sick leave.

Brain Fog and Memory Difficulties in Menopause

Brain Fog and Memory Difficulties in Menopause is the IMS's choice for World Menopause Day in 2022. Menopause brain fog is a group of symptoms that occur around the menopause period, including difficulty trying to remember words and numbers, interruptions in everyday life (losing objects like keys), difficulty focusing (being more distracted easily), difficulty changing between tasks, and forgetting meetings and events. These complaints are valid because studies show that menopause does indeed affect women's memory. These inconvenient issues may lower quality of life. Nevertheless, they are often extremely gentle and will improve post menopause.

4 steps to improve your well-being

Every individual needs time out to relax and recover, this can be from a hard day at work or a structured routine. At L’SAUVE Home we know how important sleep, stress and routine are. We are pleased to announce our new 4 steps to improve your well-being and to start your self-care journey!


1- Get to know you as a person and what well-being means personally

Menopause can affect confidence levels, you need to start by writing down what you want your life to look like, this can be daily goals, monthly focuses and mainly an improved YOU. This will help you understand and recognise all the things that make you feel good and where you can make some lifestyle changes too. At L’SAUVE Home we always say to start with your am or pm self-care routine. This can start with a bath in the morning using Owen Drew England Blaise Soap: Top notes of crisp bergamot and fresh apple lead into ground notes of blackcurrant and oak moss for a distinctly unique scent that is spectacular and sensual.


2- Take time to include yourself in meaningful activities

Have you ever been so absorbed in an activity that time has passed without you noticing? Taking time to do something we enjoy allows our minds to switch off. This might include socialising with friends, buying a candle, a diffuser or a bathroom gift. We always say at L’SAUVE Home to start your gift ideas small with either Owen Drew’s Maldives Wax Melts:

Maldives opens with luxury notes of white tea, aromatic mandarin and citrus lemon. The subtle floral background gently unfolds and gives way to base notes of soothing amber and soft woods. Imagine yourself on the sandy shores of the Maldivian islands, where the scent of coconut merges with the mineral sea breeze. The second gift you can purchase is a Large Yankee Candle, our founder Taylor always recommends the Clean Cotton Jar: A fragrance as fresh as sun-dried cotton bed sheets blowing in the wind, enhanced by a hint of white flowers and lemon ( we love it )

3: Create a well-being moment

When it comes to treating yourself, we always recommend reading our Relax Guide, this tells you precisely what you should be doing am/pm. Click here to read on

Start your well-being moment by choosing your favourite candle, this can range from Owen Drew England, Yankee Candle or WoodWick. All these brands offer lovely fragrances tailored to you.

Still not sure where to start: Take our Fragrance Test - Click Here

January 29, 2023