Choosing the right home fragrance is every bit as important as choosing the right scent for your body. That’s because fragrance has the ability to alter our mood, emotions, focus, energy levels and mindset more than any other sensory experience. The room fragrance you choose can therefore transform your living space – for better or for worse – depending on the choices you make. Think about it: we spend hours at home, using different rooms for different purposes. So it makes perfect sense not just to choose a fragrance that we genuinely like the smell of, but which complements what each room is designed to do. For example, really invigorating luxury scented candles aren’t the most sensible choice for a bedroom, where restful sleep is (usually) the key objective. One scent really doesn’t suit all!

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Assessing the options

This week, let’s focus on your bathroom: one of the hardest working rooms in your home. Some of us are blessed with more square footage than others. But whether your bathroom is big or bijou, it’s likely to be a high-traffic space with both practical and pampering functions to fulfil. This means that more than one bathroom fragrance – or even using different methods to fragrance your bathroom – are the best option.

Exploring different fragrance techniques

There are lots of different ways to introduce fragrance to your bathroom. These include bath oil, bubble bath, soap bars, aromatherapy candles, wax melts, room mists and luxury diffusers. Certain products are really well suited to setting the mood before a long, relaxing bath. Others are perfect for when you need an instant burst of refreshing fragrance.

Fragrance: fast and slow

A Wax Lyrical Diffuser is a wonderful way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh continuously. We’re big fans of this British brand, which has been manufacturing luxury home fragrances in the English Lake District for forty years. Featuring aromatic notes of geranium, blended with herbal lavender and floral rose, our Wax Lyrical Day at the Spa Diffuser provides long-lasting, consistent and continuous “slow” fragrance that’s the perfect bathroom background blend. 

For those times when you need an instant fragrance boost, complement your luxury reed diffuser of choice with a room mist/spray. These are designed to neutralise any unpleasant odours fast – and are ideal if you need a speedy refresh before guests arrive.

Cosy Aromas offers a great selection. If you love the smell of clean linen, try our Cosy Aromas Tumble Fresh Room Spray. Our Cosy Aromas English Pear & Freesia Room Spray is sure to appeal to fans of fruits and florals.

Candles and self-care

But let’s not forget scented candles, still one of the most popular ways to fragrance a bathroom. That’s because for many of us, our bathroom is more than just a place to wash or clean our teeth. It’s a self-care sanctuary, where we can escape the world’s trials and tribulations for a while, via a long, languorous soak in the tub. A Yankee Candle is the perfect way to set the scene. Need help to unwind? Lavender is well known for its natural relaxing qualities, so why not try our Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender Large Jar Candle? While wintry weather still lingers, warming scents, like our Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick Large Jar Candle, also remain popular.

Different fragrance families

Whichever method you choose to fragrance your bathroom, it’s vital to get the actual scent right. Fragrance is classified into different types of families. We tend to instinctively prefer the scents from some of these families to those of the others. There’s no rhyme or reason why, so it’s very much a case of just prioritising your personal preferences!

To make it easier for you to identify the sort of scents we sell, we have categorised our luxury home fragrances into five different families: Citrus, Floral, Fresh & Clean, Fruity, Sweet & Spicy and Woody. Fragrance is notoriously difficult to describe on a website, but most of us will recognise the distinctive characteristics of each family, and know which one(s) we naturally gravitate towards. 

Fresh & Clean and Citrus

For obvious reasons, the Fresh & Clean family is a great option for scenting your bathroom. Home fragrance products from this family tend to be light, bright and uplifting. Our Wax Lyrical Sea Breeze Room Mist, for example, will deliver instant olfactory refreshment to any space in need. Fans of Owen Drew candles should try the brand’s White Linen & English Lavender Luxury Candle

Citrus family fragrances also work well in bathrooms. New for spring/summer 2023, we love the fresh, zesty notes of Self Care Co’s Lemongrass, Orange + Mint Aromatherapy Candle

Bathroom colours

If your fragrance tastes are pretty catholic, why not match your home fragrances to your bathroom décor instead? There’s absolutely nothing wrong in selecting coordinating toiletries and candles, to achieve a stylish, pulled-together look. To help you shop this way more easily, we’ve categorised our home fragrance portfolio by colour: choose from Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Ivory, Multi-Coloured, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red & Yellow.

Blue home fragrance products are always popular for bathrooms. Why not treat your tub to our Cosy Aromas Sunset Shores Bubble Bath, or jazz up your body care routine with our Cosy Aromas Blueberry & Jasmine 200ml Body Butter?

Ivory products, like our WoodWick Linen Ellipse Large Candle, are a great, go-to neutral if you don’t want your accessories to clash with your room scheme. They complement any colour palette, and always look chic and classy. 

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February 22, 2023