Self-care has become a vital element of living well. It’s a concept that has become far more common in recent years, although there’s no one single definition. Self-care means different things to different people. It can include pretty much anything and everything you do to keep yourself healthy: physically, mentally and spiritually. Practising self-care can enhance your physical health, reduce stress and anxiety, and even boost your self-esteem.

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Self-care benefits everyone

However there are still far too many people who are reluctant to prioritise their own needs. They worry that self-care is somehow selfish, and that it’s wrong to ‘choose yourself’ instead of always prioritising others. Nothing could be further than the truth! There’s a famous saying: “you cannot pour from an empty cup”. Essentially this means that you have to take care of yourself first, in order to be able to take care of others. Air travel offers the perfect self-care metaphor. On a plane, adults are advised to put their own oxygen mask on first, before helping their children. For any parent this is completely counter-intuitive. But the truth is, if you run out of oxygen yourself, you can’t help anyone with anything.

Small changes achieve big results

The really good news is that self-care doesn’t have to take up huge amounts of time, or cost vast amounts of money. Small things can have a really big impact. Taking a bubble bath, for example, can be the ultimate self-care experience. So can simply spending some quiet time alone in a welcoming, relaxing environment.

Introducing our Cosy Aromas collection

Our Cosy Aromas collection is ideal for anyone keen to explore a range of scented self-care options. Created by husband and wife team Paul and Tamar Mayne in 2018, this brand’s extensive product portfolio includes luxury wax melts, scented candles, bubble bath, fragrance oil, room spray and soap bars. We’re huge fans of Cosy Aromas, for lots of different reasons. First and foremost, the products are such high-quality, yet reasonably priced – an important factor as the cost-of-living bites. We believe that self-care products should be accessible to everyone. So read on to discover a few of our favourites among our Cosy Aromas new arrivals.

Cosy Aromas bubble bath

Did you know that fragrance has the ability to alter our emotions and moods more than any other sensory experience? So different smells can literally trigger happiness, reduce stress, and make you feel more energetic or relaxed. Whatever you’re keen to achieve with your self-care, immersing yourself in a bubble bath is a great way to start. A warm bath helps to physically relax the body, alleviating muscle pain and tension. It can also support your mental health, by giving your mind an opportunity to ‘take time out’ and relax.

Cosy Aromas

Purple power

If you’re having trouble sleeping, we recommend the Cosy Aromas Lavender Bubble Bath. Lavender is well known for its natural ability to improve sleep quality. This bubble bath is bursting with the aroma of freshly picked lavender flowers. Simply swirl a little under warm running water, sink back and enjoy. This vegan product delivers excellent foam and lather – and can be used as a shower gel, too. The generous 300ml size is priced at a purse-friendly £7.99, and lasts for absolutely ages.

Summer loving

Smells experienced in nature are thought to be especially effective at improving wellbeing and mental health. If you’ve already had enough of winter, try our Cosy Aromas Summer Days Bubble Bath. It’s an invigorating and floral blend, with a hint of natural patchouli and white cedar. We think it’s a wonderful way to escape the wintry weather and enjoy some uplifting summer vibes.

Cosy Aromas soap bars

Solid bar soap is enjoying a real comeback. Stylish and delicious-smelling, yet practical and plastic-free, bar soap has become cool and covetable once again. We think it’s a great addition to any self-care bathing ritual – especially if you treat yourself to a pretty soap dish to store it on! Our soap bar new arrivals from Cosy Aromas include English Pear & Freesia and Blackberry & Bay – both popular combinations in the world of prestige fragrance. Cosy Aromas moisturising soap bars are the perfect choice if you like your self-care to be sustainable too. They are vegan and pet-friendly, and all packaging is either compostable or recyclable.

Cosy Aromas budget room sprays 

Room sprays have become a popular element of the home fragrance market, with good reason. A quick spritz is great way to deliver a fast burst of fragrance to a space. Room sprays are also a safe option in areas where aromatherapy candles might not be appropriate.

Scenting an area with a room spray is a brilliant way to prep it as a self-care space, whether you want to read for a while, catch up on a Netflix favourite, or simply escape social media and sit quietly with your thoughts. Cosy Aromas offers a range of budget room sprays that are accessibly-priced without compromising on quality. 

Popular self-care scent options

We love them all, but if you’ve had a tough day, reach for Comfort Blanket, a restorative blend of cosy amber, sweet honey and rose that’s sure to soothe your senses. Love the smell of laundry, and everything it evokes? Try our Cosy Aromas Tumble Fresh Room Spray, a gorgeous clean scent of fresh sheets and clothes that instantly refreshes and revitalises any space. Simply spray two or three times upwards in the middle of your room – or even on your curtains or cushions.

Cosy Aroma Tumble Fresh

Still not sure which scents would best enhance your self-care regime? Our specialist Fragrance Advisors will be happy to help. Click here to begin our free and personalised recommendation process.

February 07, 2023
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