We understand that there’s no shortage of choice out there for shoppers of luxury scented candles and luxury home fragrances. So we wanted to take a moment to say thank you, and tell you all how much you are appreciated, and how grateful we are for every single order placed online. Each ‘add to cart’ provides valuable info and inspo, and has really helped us get to know you, our customer community, that much better. In return, we thought it was high time we told you all a little bit more about us – and the story behind L’Sauve.


The French connection

Did you know that our company name, L’Sauve, was inspired by the French word suave, which means charming, confident and elegant? In fact France, and more specifically its southernmost region Occitanie, has been a huge source of inspiration right from the start.


Breathtakingly beautiful, Occitanie is renowned for its natural unspoilt landscapes, stunning scenery, and exceptional heritage. It’s a place of sanctuary, somewhere that truly soothes the soul. Our founder Taylor decided to channel this spirit, pledging to put self-care at the centre of his first solo business venture. He cleverly combined ‘suave’ with ‘sauver’, the French word that means to save, rescue and protect. And after two years of hard but rewarding work, L’Sauve Home was born.


The power of partnership

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and Taylor’s “baby”, L’Sauve, couldn’t have flourished with the support of so many wonderful leading fragrance brands either. We are proud stockists of sought-after names such as Wax Lyrical Candles, Owen Drew, Sun.Day of London, and Self Care Co. Together we’ve worked hard to put together a diverse luxury home fragrances portfolio that features wax melts, reed diffusers, luxury scented candles, room mists/sprays and even indulgent bath & body products.


The wonders of Wax Lyrical

It’s so rewarding to see so many of you enjoying the scented self-care products we’ve sourced. Our Wax Lyrical Diffusers have been especially popular this spring. We’re big fans of the Wax Lyrical Lemon Grove Diffuser – a sparkling seasonal citrus scent with a dash of refreshing verbena. If you love to be beside the sea, why not bring the coast to you instead, with our Wax Lyrical Sea Breeze Room Mist?

Dreaming of Owen Drew

Where possible, we try to champion British brands. And we’ve been thrilled with the response to Owen Drew – a niche, luxury brand based in the north west of England. How pretty are these flower-shaped English Lavender & White Linen Luxury Soy Wax Melts? As nature reawakens, why not celebrate the arrival of spring with our Owen Drew White Orchid Luxury Candle? It gives off a gorgeous oriental floral fragrance, sweetened with mandarin and a hint of honey.


In praise of Sun.Day & Self Care

One of the latest brands to join the L’Sauve family is Sun.Day Of London. Handcrafted in Hackney Wick, these botanical candles are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated using natural oils and plant-based ingredients. We know we shouldn’t have favourites, but we highly recommend III. Rooftop Garden (inspired by a garden in the sky) and VII. Memento Mori (created as a tribute to the power of the ocean).


If florals are more your thing, you’re sure to love our Self Care Co candles collection. Try our Rose + Bergamot Luxury Soy Candle to refresh and rejuvenate, or choose Lavender + Orange to relax and unwind.


A man on a mission

Our founder Taylor has always been a man on a mission. But what sets him apart from other entrepreneurs, is his mature approach to time. Taylor has always advocated celebrating the journey – instead of simply racing to the final destination. His mantra? “Slow progress...is progress.”

From an early age, Taylor understood the importance of self-care, taking small steps and slowing down. The covid-19 pandemic made him even more determined to help others understand the importance of looking after themselves, and providing the means to do so.

Self-care means different things to different people, but can incorporate anything and everything that keeps you healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. Crucially, Taylor was committed to providing high-quality lifestyle and wellbeing brands that offered affordable luxury to everyone. And so #Lsauveselfcare was born.


Sustainable responsibility

We all know that there’s no Planet B. So we are committed to partnering with brands that put sustainability at the heart of everything they do, and don’t cost the earth – on any level.

We understand the importance of the “three Rs”, and always advocate recycling/upcycling where possible. Importantly, we use recycled and fully recyclable poly mailers for our packaging, which are manufactured in Europe, to keep our carbon footprint low.

April 23, 2023

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