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 An example of a candle disaster is called candle tunneling. This an be incredibly frustrating, as it not only diminishes the aesthetic appeal of the candle but also shortens its overall lifespan. It carves a tunnel-like hole down the center, leaving the outer wax untouched and diminishing the candle's beauty and burning potential. Don't make the same mistake to your expensive candle!

Say goodbye 👋 to candle
errors with our help!  

In this 40 - page E-Book, we'll delve into why candle care is so vital, not only to preserve the beauty and longevity of your candles but also to minimise the risks associated with improper candle care. Whether you're a candle enthusiast or just starting your journey into the world of candle appreciation, you'll find valuable insights on why candle care should be a top priority.

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About Our Brand

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Introduction To Candles

Why Candle Care?

The Joy Of A Candle

Understanding Candles

 Types Of Candles

Vessel, Shapes,Sizes

The Candle Experience

Candle Fragrances

Talk Aromatherapy

Setting The Mood

Candle Placements

Candle Accessories

Candle Displays

Types Of Candle Wicks

An Understanding

Wick Types, Amounts

Lighting Your Candle Safely

Tools & Techniques

Light Correctly

Wick Guidelines

Maintaining Wick

Understanding Wax

Maintaining Wax Pool

Candle Tunnelling

Understanding Wax Safety

Understanding Wax

How To Extinguish Safely

Common Candle Issues

Candle Safety Labels

Candle Aftercare

 Candle Care 101

How/Where To Store Candles

Sustainable Practises

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

The Preparation

Ways to Re-Purpose

The Power Of A Decision

Candle Buying Tips

Candle Gift Giving Tips

Your A Candle Care Superstar!

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Detailed Candle Book With Photo Examples

After struggling with candle aftercare for years, I came across L'SAUVE's candle care guide and have found all the answers. I love the upcycling part. 100% a brilliant read. Thanks Guys

A Great E-Book As I Was Unsure About Candle Tunneling

I am so pleased with the purchase, I no longer have to search for hours for answers. Thank you L'SAUVE for providing such a great E-Book.