Benefits of Woodwick Candles

1. Perfect for a subtle ambience: Wooden candle wicks emit a crackling sound as they burn, a sound similar to that of a bonfire or campfire. The atmosphere is set off by the warm glow of the candle, but the subtle crackling sounds also have a calming and soothing effect on the listener. A hardwood wick's contemporary cut gives your candle a contemporary feel, further improving the ambience of any space.

2. Longer Life Span: According to size, the burning time of wooden wick candles is also significantly longer than that of cotton-wick candles. To compare, when you have a 7oz cotton wick candle and a 7oz hardwood wick candle, the wood wick candle will burn more slowly and last longer than the cotton wick candle, even if both are lit simultaneously under equal conditions. Try out L’Sauve’s woodwick trilogy candle and add a perfect feel to any space.

More Benefits of Woodwick Candles

3. Sustainability: Wooden wicks are sustainable. Woodwick candles contain eco-friendly and sustainable properties sourced via the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mills. Large woodwick candles are more sustainable than cotton wicks, as they can be harvested with sustainable forestry methods, with thousands and thousands of wood wicks coming from a single tree. Get a large woodwick candle for long-term usage.

4. Even and Clean Burning: You may adore your candle, but you undoubtedly hate the sooty mess it may make. To make them burn more easily, paraffin is applied to several cotton wicks. Additionally, cotton wicks have a propensity to burn unevenly if you do not care for your candle, leaving wax sticking to the jar's sides while the middle burns down. The wood candle wicks burn evenly on all sides, providing you with a soot-free, clean burn. You only need to remove the burned portion of the wick for a clear and brilliant burn. Try the wood wick candles from the best woodwick candles sale in the UK offered by L'Sauve.

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January 29, 2023
Tags: Benefits